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Plastic surgery in Colombia

Cirjuanos plásticos Medellín. Cirujano plástico Colombia.Plastic surgery in Colombia has had worldwide recognition for many years. For example, it has been established that here in Colombia Plastic Surgeons did an Upper limb reimplantation for the first time in Latin America.

Colombian Plastic Surgeons have continuously been sharing knowledge with surgeons from around the world, reinforcing the knowledge related to advances in the field. Today, aided by the great facilities of the modern world communication, the increased security offered by our country, growth and modernism of our cities, we are experiencing a big increase in foreign patients consultation who are looking to get in skilled hands, with rates quite comfortable, especially when compared to those that are used in other countries.

In Colombia you may undergo surgery by a Plastic Surgeon, in highly technical clinics that would be unattainable in your  home country.

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